23 November  - 7 December 2012

Traveling with once more with our French friends Anne-Marie and Rudolph Ledrich, we spent two weeks in Argentina, arriving in Buenos Aires on Saturday the 24th, and spent the next five days exploring the Capital City region from our base in Olivos where the Ledrichs had exchanged homes with Pedro and Ana Finder.

From there we traveled to Patagonia, first to El Calafante (near the Perito Moreno Glacier) and then to Puerto Madryn (between the Peninsula Valdes (home of sea lions, whales and elephant seals) and Puerto Toomba (a large rookery site for the the Magellan penguin, the northern-most penguin species).

We returned north to end our stay in Argentina at Pedro and Ana’s home in Carilo, a beach community 400 kilometers south of Buenos Aires. On Friday the 7th of December we boarded a bus for the start of our long trek home.

Enjoy the photographic record of our trip.

A fortnight in Argentina