A soaker tub at last

During the last redo of our master bathroom at the turn of the millennium, when I was trying to soak the wallpaper off the wall, I dropped the steamer onto our original tub and knocked a silver-dollar’s worth of the ceramic finish off of it. The replacement tub we bought we found was even shallower than our original one.  One could not in any way immerse themselves in the tub - it would raise the water to the overflow outlet, which, by the way  was installed incorrectly so any time there was a large overflow, water collected on our first floor ceiling, causing numerous respackling and repainting tasks

Finally Jeff convinced Daria, who enjoys the tub much more than he does, that it was time to replace the tub.  We splurged and got a soaking tub.  Nothing fancy, mind you, no air bubbles or water jets, just one two-feet deep. We used our Direct Buy membership, which we were planning not to renew, but did anyhow, to buy the tub, the tub drain and new tile to replace the tub surround.  We bought Kohler fixtures for the tub and the shower stall that backed to the tub, which we bought from the local Ferguson plumbing in Chantilly.  We again contacted Brian Dressler of Homemedik who had done our kitchen two years ago, and turned the installation and the final tile work design over to him.  We weren’t disappointed.

November 2011 - February 2012