Parnes 2004 Vacation Photos

In the summer of 2004 my wife (Daria) and I went to Seville, Spain, to spend ten days with our friends from Strausburg, France (Anne-Marie and Rodolphe Ledrich). On the way there we spent 33 hours in London, and then flew onto Spain.

Once in Seville we saw the Plaze de Espana, the Sevile Cathedral, the Real Alcazar, the Jewish sector, a Flemenco dance, the Roman ruins at Italica and a Bull Fight.

After four days in Seville we went on a roadtrip of Adulusia, including Cardoba, Ronda, Gilbralter, Cadiz, and Jerez with a side trip to Tangers, Morraco.

Here are the links to the three sections of our trip: